A Young Man Sued Apple Alleging That an Error in the Facial Recognition System Caused His Arrest

A teenager in New York who sued Apple for $ 1 billion claims that his facial recognition system falsely linked him to a series of robberies and caused him to be arrested for a crime he did not commit.

A young American accuses the company of Tim Cook to promote his arrest due to a failure in the facial recognition system, which is why he has sued Apple for $ 1 billion. However, a spokesman for the Cupertino said in statements to Gizmodo that such a facial recognition system does not even exist. If Apple is telling the truth, it is possible that the lawsuit filed on Monday is based on mere speculation.

According to the lawsuit, New York police officers arrested the teenager Ousmane Bah at his home in New York at 4:00 am on November 29, after receiving an alert that the young man had stolen goods from an Apple store. In Manhattan. The lawsuit states that Bah does not look anything like the man in the photo in the arrest warrant. After viewing the surveillance images of the crimes, a person identified as Detective Reinhold of the NYPD would have noticed that his appearance did not match the thief.

According to the lawsuit, the real thief probably found a provisional driver's permit that Bah had previously lost and presented it to Apple employees during one of the robberies, Reinhold told Bah. Because "Apple's security technology identifies theft suspects with facial recognition technology." This would be the reason, according to the teen's version, why Apple associated the thief's face with Bah's identity.

The lawsuit does not say where Reinhold obtained his information about Apple's use of facial recognition technology, so it's possible he was only speculating to save himself from possible conviction. Or maybe honestly and by mistake, as they explain from Futurism, believed that Apple used this technology. According to several reports, thousands of retailers use facial recognition systems to track the thieves, so their theory could be based on that data.