5 Essential Things before Submitting a Job Application

Before applying for the vacancy of that job position related to your training and experience, there are five key points that you should review to increase your chances of success.

Has it ever happened to you that you have applied as a candidate in a job selection process and when it was too late, you found that there were errors in your application? Misspellings in the CV, the badly written document, a little updated LinkedIn profile, and incorrect dates ... the list can be infinite!

If you do not want to be left without the opportunity to prove your worth and aptitudes through a job interview, you should exercise caution, maximize your attention and pay attention to the small details. In many occasions in them lies the difference. Check the following checklist and review five essential points to consider before submitting your job application. Devote an average of seven seconds Remember that recruiters take a look at your CV.

5 key points that you should review when looking for a job

  • Read the full announcement: It may seem obvious, but many people stay in the title. Read carefully the specific instructions on the functions you will perform, the requirements demanded by the company, the characteristics of the contract, the materials that you must present -CV, portfolio, references, cover letter, etc-, terms ... In this way you can optimize your candidacy and customize your resume.
  • Check all the material you are going to send: A lack of spelling, misplaced letters, inadequate jargon or bad grammar can promptly expel you from the job selection process. Make sure that everything is grammatically correct and that there are no spelling errors, using online corrector or manual reviews of a professional. Of course, it is convenient to update the information, to bet on an attractive design
  • Application adapted to the specific role: It is essential to orient the data to the company and the sector, remembering that generalist CVs do not succeed and adapting the tone to the corporate culture of the company. You will also have to adapt the message you send for each application, as well as the letters of presentation and motivation. A very useful trick is to apply the technique of imitation. Look at the words used to describe the offer and the type of language -colloquial, neutral, familiar, technical- that the company uses on its website or networks. Use synonyms of them to describe your qualities and competences, adding value.
  • Do not forget why: Often, when you find yourself detailing your professional history, describing your experience or completing your training to stand out before the applicant company, you forget the most important thing: why. Why do you want to work for this company and why are you the best candidate for the job? If you cannot answer those questions convincingly and clearly, bad.
  • Cleaning social networks: Especially if you give them a professional use or if your accounts on social networks are public, you should eliminate anything that may be perceived as inappropriate by a recruiter from their social media channels. Taking into account what is in vogue that is social recruiting work your LinkedIn profile, share specialized content and above all, not over-airing your personal life is key. Focus on highlighting your hobbies, values, concerns and dreams.