What is a NOOC?

Are you interested in the 'fashion' of MOOCs but are you looking for something much more concrete, a more specialized training ready to be done in a few hours? The NOOCs are for you.

If you have ever been interested in the training opportunities offered by the Internet, you probably hear the concept of MOOC (Mass Online and Open Course). In technosclub.com we publish every month a compilation of the best free MOOCs of the moment. But maybe the acronym 'NOOC' is not so familiar.

The NOOCs are an evolution of the popular MOOCs (their original name, in fact, was N-MOOCs), so they largely share their philosophy and educational model. They are, moreover, a fairly recent concept and therefore do not yet have too extensive an offer. In any case, it does offer a series of differentiating elements that justify its differentiation with respect to MOOCs.

What elements do we talk about? Well particularly of three:

  • Express training: Its duration tends to be measured in hours, not days or weeks. The NOOCs constitute, in short, small training doses of no more than one hour and less than twenty.

  • Independent character: The training offered in NOOCs can be disseminated in isolation, without being linked to a broader structure of training modules.

  • Ultra specialized training: The NOOCs allow "go to the win" and bet by formations very focused on the concrete use and depth of a certain skill or tool.

The e-learning expert Zaid Ali Alsagoff, one of the greatest promoters of this format, explains that "looking back, and evaluating my personal experiences with MOOCs, I realize that I have to be really inspired to complete them. I think the main reason is that, when I register in one, I am usually only interested in exploring in depth 5-10% of it. [Now] instead of having to do the whole course, I can concentrate on the essence, be evaluated and certified. A NOOC is more granular, fragmented, diferible and significant! "