Third, the pursuit of a free life

I believe that the "freedom" is what everyone wants to pursue. "Life is precious, love is higher, ..." (haha)

But when it comes to freedom, most people think of "freedom of wealth" or "financial freedom." In fact, this is not exactly the case. In the free path, my personal experience tells me that in fact, you There will be many different types of freedom. Below is my understanding of the "freedom" of several levels.

The first level of freedom - freedom of work . The first level of human freedom is - "freedom of work". I don't mean that you can be free in the workplace. Although there are exceptions, it is not universal. The "freedom of work" I want to say is - you will not feel a sense of unemployment. In other words, you have become a hot commodity for every company, you not only can't find a job, but you can't find a good job at all. Imagine if you are looking for work, on the one hand, you have the right to work in the real sense. On the other hand, you are not working, you can leave your job at any time to do what you want.

The second level of freedom - freedom of skills . Freedom of work is good, but the premise is that you still need to rely on the job opportunities offered by others. And the freedom of skill is that you can support yourself with your own skills without having to work in the company. It is also a so-called freelancer. In society, there are many such people. For example, some fitness sports coaches, designers, translators, authors... These can be regarded as freelancers. If you move bricks and have ideas, you have the potential to become a freelancer. Think about the programming skills you have. It is actually a creative ability, that is, creativity, as long as you make Something People Want. The company's slogan), you can fully support your own skills. If you go through some automated things, or if you make a software self-employed on the App, let your income keep going, even if you make an open source software, the community will donate to you every month to donate more than you earn. Still more, then you really have the freedom of skills.

The third layer of freedom - material freedom. I exchanged financial freedom for a statement. I personally feel that in addition to having a good father, this special case, if you want to have material freedom, in essence, you must learn to invest, investment is not necessarily your money, time is also a kind of wealth, young More, how do you invest your time and your youth? What kind of things do you want to invest in your investment, and what kind of people? For the investment, the risk is also relatively large. However, life is not the risk, it may be the biggest adventure. There are many technologies in this world that you can't learn from books, but you can only learn in actual combat, such as swimming. Investment may also be one. Only those who truly understand investment, or those who are very lucky, can realize material freedom.

Pursuing a free life is actually a good choice on the road to personal development. Generally speaking, free people have the same ability and no money. Because they know how to invest.

In other words, those who have the ability to pursue freedom,

Not only leadership and creativity (can also guide most people and walk in front of most people)
At the same time, he also knows how to invest (know where time and energy and money should be invested)