The Development Path of Technicians

To put it bluntly, I figured out how to calculate, but I didn't talk about the direction in which programmers can develop. Therefore, even with these so-called methodologies, we may still be very entangled and do nothing about our own development, especially when people reach the age of 30. This kind of embarrassment and confusion is getting heavier and heavier. Although I have written an article about " Programming Age and Programming Skills " before, there are still many people who do not have confidence in whether they can still do technology when they are old. I guess, the biggest problem here is that the negative experiences of current technical work (such as regular overtime, being used as chess pieces or labor, etc.) make people completely unable to see hope and future, especially with The age is getting bigger and bigger, and there is less and no confidence in the future.

At the same time, it is also because at the GIAC conference was asked, what should the programmer do? During the period at the end of the year, I also repeatedly talked about the topic of personal development with a few friends. Halfway through my life, I live to the age of “no confession”. Naturally, I will look back and summarize what is going on. Therefore, during the conversation and after the conversation, I also have some thoughts to record. Because I am also a person on this road, so I can't talk about guiding others. I am also in the same way, I am also thinking about where I am going every day, "I am lost in the world." Moreover, my experience and vision are very limited. Therefore, the following words and thoughts about personal development must be limited by my vision and experience. You are also welcome to add and correct.

These things are not necessarily right, and they are not necessarily all. The license is for you to think at the end of the year and plan for it next year.