The 5 Best Online Platforms To Learn A New Language

One of the best ways to learn a new language is to do it through an online application that you can carry comfortably and at the click of your mobile.

Today we review 5 of the best apps to learn languages.

To learn a new language is essential not to rely on bingeing and prolong learning in time, have fun, bet on language immersion in other countries or decant by passive exposure to cultural products such as series, books, comics or songs in that language, whether Chinese, French, Arabic or English, among many others.

But in addition, the era of digital transformation and the democratization of the Internet has brought with it a wave of new learning tools, such as language exchange platforms, MOOCs or applications, blogs or YouTube channels. If you have decided to learn languages from your mobile phone you can bet on any of the following online applications, the best of the moment to start a new language, achieve a better domain or improve its use.

Duolingo is one of the most famous and extended platforms to learn a new language online for free. Designed primarily for amateurs, Duolingo begins by teaching you the most basic words in the language of your choice. Once you are familiar with the words, you will continue with the simple sentences and so on, learning the language naturally.

The material of this application available in web, iOS, Android and Windows versions includes lessons with native speakers, spaced repetition, test or online tests or elements of gamification. We recommend it especially to gain fluency.

Hello Talk, 7 million users and 150 languages

Hello Talk, available for both iOS and Android, is an online tool for learning languages by talking to other users through text, recordings and voice messages, even scribbles! Among its advantages, it has more than 7 million users and is compatible with more than 150 languages. In addition, the latest generation VoIP technology allows optimal sound quality for talks.

correction and translation, allows you to publish Moments, public messages to ask questions or share news that all native speakers of your target language can access. Another possibility is to opt for group chats or individual talks.

Rype is another language learning website with an interesting business model. Instead of using tests or videos to teach a new language, you learn through a personal instructor with a video call format. The operation is simple: download the app, programs a call of 30 or 60 minutes and receive totally personalized advice. Not only can you learn languages, but also academic subjects. The free trial is seven days.

Memrise: word games to help you learn

Memrise is a language learning website designed more to start with a language than to achieve a higher level of fluency. Like Duolingo, you learn a language with interactive material and gamification, through word games and other resources. While the basic features are free to use, the Pro version has a monthly cost of $ 4.95, giving you access to a Grammar bot, listening skills exercises, video mode and analysis of your learning performance.

Babbel, personalized approach and originality

Babbel is committed to the personalized approach to teach you new languages. Instead of starting with the same words as everyone else, you can choose a topic that you want to learn about, such as animals, food, travel and lifestyle. First you will learn the vocabulary and you will expand your knowledge of the language. It is an app made and designed by expert linguists with a simple and clear design to facilitate your learning as much as possible and lessons in the form of 15 minute micropills so you can have other hobbies.