Second, the pursuit of life experience

Let me talk about three stories first.

The first one was when I was in Ali. A girl who made a product said that she was going to leave school to study baking in France, which attracted everyone's hot comments.

The second is the American boss at Amazon. He goes to a training class every year to learn a skill, such as: cooking, biplanes, DJs in nightclubs, and even going to Washington to learn to be a politician.
The third, when working at Thomson Reuters, a British colleague, one day he said that he left, and his wife is going to spend the rest of his life traveling around the world. I asked him if he had enough money? He and I said that the money is not enough. Their plan is to work while traveling, and work to get enough money to go to the next stop. He also said that the kind of travel to another city with holidays is too boring. If you don't live in that place for a while, how can you be a good travel experience? Ok, I can't refute it.

I feel that they have made their life so interesting and I admire them. Although the crossover is a bit fierce, Why Not?

Here, I want to say that it is a good thing to pursue a life experience that is different from everyone else. I personally feel that it is much more interesting than in the workplace. If you are tired of the workplace, why not pursue different life experiences. Even if you don't want to pursue a life experience with a large span, then there are many valuable and interesting experiences in the technical circle. Those who seek to stimulate meaningful and distinctive experiences can actually be considered a success in life, aren't they?

If you only talk about the technical aspects, the people I personally see to pursue the experience, there are two kinds of pursuits are actually very successful:

Go to the birthplace of technological innovation to experience innovation . The innovation engine of various technologies of the computer Internet is basically in the United States. We have caught up with this era and have chosen the hottest industry in this era. So, why not go to the technological engine of this era? In the Silicon Valley area of ​​the United States, both large companies and startups are experiencing a variety of innovations. If you have the opportunity, why not try to experience it? If you don’t experience it, don’t you think it’s a regret to be old?

Go through the development of the next hot technology . From IT, to the Internet, to the mobile Internet, cloud computing, big data, to the future AI, VR, IoT..., the wave of technological innovation has come one after another, you want to continue moving there. Going down, do you want to go to the wave to go through the wave, or want to be a drifting person?

Working as a job, starting a business, either at home or abroad, these are forms, not content. The content is that you have people who have ideas and experience to experience meaningful and valuable things? Life is too short, white and sorrow, the greatest fortune of our technicians is to be born in such a stimulating era, then, what reason do you have to chase these frontier stimulating experiences?