NCAA Tournament 2019: Zion Williamson vs. Tacko Fall

It is well known that professional basketball players can be said to be the tallest and strongest group in the world, and the NBA, the highest hall in basketball, is even more numerous. Perhaps the difference between the NBA players on TV on weekdays is not too big, but when an NBA giant really stands in front of you, then you can really feel the huge gap between ordinary people and the NBA. Let's take a look at the moments when NBA giants and ordinary people take photos, and feel how terrible they are.

2 meters 29 Tacko Fall 1 meter 57 female reporter

This is a photo taken by Tacko Fall, a tall center from Senegal, and a female reporter interviewed by him. The player born in 1995 reached a height of 2 meters 29 and the female reporter was only 1.57 meters tall. . To be honest, 1 meter 57 is also moderate in the domestic female height, but this female reporter who looks good in proportion is almost twice as short as Tacko Fall. His legs are comparable to female reporters. This is an amazing gap.

Jushi Qiangsen seconds to become a younger brother

Hollywood film star Johnson has always been a representative of the muscle man on the screen. He is 46 years old and still maintains a good habit of fitness every day. In the eyes of ordinary people, he is a giant. Of the many movies he has photographed over the years, no one has been able to physically strengthen him until he meets...

The people who can crush Jushi Johnson in the group are the famous NBA stars O'Neill and Barkley. In the original picture, Johnson is forced to become a younger brother in front of the two big sisters. Even the smiles are even better. Usually a lot of green. Not to mention the contrast in shoulder width, even on the arm of Johnson's most proud, he has to be two laps smaller than O'Neill. This is the ruthless crushing of the front.

Embiid with Chelsea forward William.

This is a photo taken across football and basketball. From the 76ers, Embiid went to Chelsea and took photos with Chelsea forward William. The gap between the two is as big as a child and an adult. William, who is 1.75 meters tall, is also a medium-sized figure on the football field. But in the face of the 2 meters 16th, this gap is not much, even if it is standing on the guardrail, it is difficult to cover up. In order to complete the same box.

C Ronaldo Adams and Kanter

C Ronaldo's position in the football world naturally does not need me to say more, his muscles make him one of the best physical football players, and also let him harvest countless fans. C Ronaldo can be said to be the peak of the body that ordinary people can achieve. There is no trace of fat in the whole body. The six packs are also very clear, but he can't bear to look straight when he encounters the NBA giant.

This was a photo taken by Ronaldo when watching the Thunder game. He couldn't find a photo of the two players in the Thunder, the Adams and Kanter. Cristiano Ronaldo and Kanter's contrast is actually nothing. After all, Kanter's light interior is still quite thin, but for Adam Adams, the insider, C Ronaldo is two small sizes. Fortunately, Ronaldo did not show his arm, otherwise it would be more obvious than Adams's Kirin arm.

Yao Ming with Zeng Zhiwei

As the representative of Chinese players in the NBA, our respected basketball director Yao Ming is also a representative of the giants in the NBA, and Yao Ming's figure is also one of the best in the NBA. On weekdays, Yao Ming is our more common NBA star, and he has also taken photos with many celebrities. Zeng Zhiwei is one of them. When Zeng Zhiwei stood by Yao Ming, he almost needed to look up ninety degrees to see Yao Ming’s face, and the two of them were more different than ordinary adults and children.

Boban group China reporter

This is a photo taken by a reporter from China at an event and a one-on-one bullfight of Bobban, who was still in the Clippers. The Chinese reporter was very short in front of Boban, 2 meters 21, but we passed the figure. In proportion, the reporter is also more than 1 meter 85. Even more scary is Boban’s horrible big hand. Even after fully clenching his fist, his hand can be as big as the head of a Chinese reporter, and the hand on his shoulder can easily cover the head of a Chinese reporter.

Schwarzenegger Zhang Dashuai

Now, how can the giants in the NBA get the lesser of Chamberlain? After all, as the highest score in a single game in NBA history, his physical talent can be said to have reached the level of aliens. In the minds of people, Schwarzenegger, who is also physically strong, has also taken photos with Zhang Dashuai, but this may have become the most visible picture of Schwarzenegger’s life. Zhang Dashuai and another special actor lifted Schwarzenegger like a chicken, and Schwarzenegger may have thought: I don't want to face it!