"Fault-driven" Software Development

WatchDog-style software development is often the product of "fail-driven" software development. This kind of development is actually showing the lack of intelligence and ability. For the purpose of the above line, go to the line and say, if there is any problem, change it again.

The boss or the business side above basically said, it doesn't matter, we don't need a perfect system at first. You should go ahead and talk about the thirst of the business. We have time to rebuild and improve. And some technicians will use the phrase "architecture and design is gradually evolved" to prove that "fail-driven" development is worthwhile.

I agree with the iterative iteration and the theory of architectural evolution. However, I feel that the "system iteration" and "architectural evolution" have been thoroughly used as super excuses for those who have limited ability or even no skills .

Have you made a mistake? Do you know what iterations are, what is evolution? Do you know how much effort it takes to locate a fault on the line? ( Look at this article and you will know) You know, you will be quick to deal with parts, but overall you will be slow.

Although, I have seen those systems get a little bit improvement after one failure after another, but I want to say, why not be serious and not rigorous at first? I have never seen a sophisticated system that is piled up by faults and failures. Even Windows 95/98 is the worst operating system in history. If you don't have a well-designed Windows NT patch, Windows also I’ve finished playing early (it’s to see IE’s end).


1) Basic knowledge and theoretical knowledge are very important . The use of existing mature solutions is key.

2) Have a rigorous and awe-inspiring heart for technology. I want to know what to do again, adhere to high standards, Design for failure! Many things are urgent.