Do You Want To Have The Perfect Pitch? Make Sure You Have These 3 Elements

To be successful in the entrepreneurial world, not only do you need to have a good idea, you must also know how to sell that idea if you want to obtain means to carry it out. Today we explain what 3 elements your pitch should have to make investors fall in love.

You can have a wonderful idea, but if you are not able to transmit that wonder to others it will hardly succeed. That is why it is so important to prepare well for meetings with investors, and present the perfect pitch to make your business idea known.

Ben Harburg, partner at MSA Capital, has listened to hundreds of pitches throughout his professional life. Some of the entrepreneurs who presented their idea to Harburg have been successful, becoming large companies like Uber. Others, far from conquering him, stayed on the road. How did the pitch differ from one to the other?

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According to Harburg, the main difference lay in the presence or absence of three key elements for a pitch to be perfect. Let's see what they are:

Singularity: The most important thing, according to Harburg, is to show that you offer something different to others. Your uniqueness can be either in your business or in yourself, but you must offer something unique that makes you shine among all the entrepreneurs that are out there.

Experience: Your knowledge must also be unique. "You must have unique experience in a difficult sector that other people are afraid to enter, or have stumbled because it is so complicated," he explained. In this step it is important that you make clear what you have learned from the rest in order to get your idea forward. Make clear why you are the ideal person to execute this project.

Scalability: Finally, you must show that your idea has the potential to compete globally. It is important that investors can see that the business has the potential to grow fast and be profitable.