Development to sum up

Whether it is working hard in the workplace, pursuing a wonderful experience, or achieving freedom, I think it is a good direction for personal development.

They all have overlaps, such as:

You can pursue companies that are stimulating in the workplace.
It is also possible to achieve freedom by joining companies with potential for rapid growth.
You can also achieve freedom in life by pursuing different experiences.

In short, the logic here is -

  1. People who are able to plan their own personal development are usually people with many opportunities and possibilities .
  2. People with many opportunities and possibilities are usually leaders with adventures.
  3. People who are adventurous by Leadership are usually people who have strong learning ability, active thinking, like toss, and know how to "invest".
  4. People with strong learning ability and active thinking are usually people who like to read books, like practice and new things, not afraid of difficulties and challenges, and use intelligence instead of brute force.
  5. People who know “investment” usually pay more attention to future and long-term growth rather than current KPIs, bonuses and promotions.