Answers LED Grow Light Questions

Are you planning to grow plants indoor but have no clue where to begin? Today, when it comes to taking up an indoor growing project, most growers worry about the correct lighting solution they should consider. The fact is that when growing plants indoors, any smart grower has to focus on the various factors that contribute to the healthy growth of the plants. Lighting is critical for plants, and if you have any questions lingering in your mind, you are at the right stop.

As you read below, you will learn about Best LED grow lights for indoor plant growing. The proper lighting is the key to your success.

LED Grow Lights

Over the past few years, LED grow lights have gone through many modifications, and today they are the most innovative lighting technology available for indoor gardening. One of the highest yielding lighting systems, Dorm Grow G8 LED lights remain the top choice because of their exceptional performance. These LED grow lights are some of the only ones that can match the yields of Metal Halide and High-Pressure Sodium bulbs.

G8LED’s will ensure healthier plant growth and provide heavy, quality yields. When indoor growers consider growing under these lights, they have some common questions.

Will Full Spectrum G8LED Grow Lights Help Plants in their Flowering Stage?

The good news is that LED grow lights come with unique designs, and they are useful for flowering as well as vegetative growth. With a Veg/Flower light, one fixture can serve both uses. You can mimic the natural seasons by vegging for 18 hours per day and changing the cycle to 12 hours for flowering.  If you add a 90-watt red flower booster light, the added wattage and red spectra will increase the size of the buds and will ensure maximum yield.

What is the Correct Way to Use a Bloom Light?

If you have a dedicated flowering area and want a light for just the flowering phase, a Bloom only light is a good option. Since a Bloom only is formulated with a higher concentration of red spectra designed for flowering, there is no need for the 90-watt red flower booster.

What are the Benefits Of Using This Light?

When using these lights, you will encounter several benefits. The top ones including:
    High-quality plant growth
    Higher yields
    No need for reflectors, or any other cooling equipment
    Reduced HVAC costs
    Energy efficiency
    Easy setup
    No mercury and safe to operate

How to Extend the Life of LED Grow Lights?

To extend the life of grow lights, keep your grow room clean and free from dust, smoke, and bugs. Avoid connecting too many devices to the same circuit as this can cause voltage drops which are harmful to electrical devices. Make sure that the grow room does not accumulate much moisture, or it could cause the droplets of water to form on the lights. Avoid spraying water around the grow lights. Like any other electrical device, you should make sure they do not get wet.

What Should the Right Light Distance Be for Plants?

When using G8LED grow lights, the right light distance for the plants should be dependent on the wattage of the light. For example, the G8-240 should be at a range of 12-24 inches, and others like G8-600-900 at 16-36 inches. When the plants grow to the lights, raise the light to maintain a constant distance. If you want the plants to grow taller, raise the lights more. For shorter plants with dense growth, decrease the distance between the light and the plants.

Smart growers today turn to LED grow lights for various indoor growing projects. If you are planning to take up one, it is best that you ask the manufacturer any questions you have in mind and be sure to make a well-informed decision.