An important stage and sign

Before I talk about personal development, I need to talk about a very important stage in my life - 20 to 30 years old!

The primary task at this stage is to improve your ability to learn and solve problems. This is a very, very critical time period! This time period almost determines your future.

Before the age of 30, this time period should be the time period for people to learn and accumulate. This time period is the time period for hard work. During this time period, you must spend your time solving skills. That is to say, the skill you must develop is that you can solve problems that most people cannot solve. Let the brute force work hard to work overtime, and when there is a brick aging old ox, there is definitely no future. If you are unfortunate enough to stay in a brick-and-mortar place, and you are overwhelmed by business every day, I suggest that you rather let your project be postponed by the boss, and also squeeze out the time to study basic knowledge and master some techniques. (Many technologies are similar in their thinking) and then have the opportunity to change their current situation. Because, compared to your personal future, the project is delayed by the boss, the performance is not good, and the bonus is not what it is.

To sum up, you have to work 5-7 years before the age of 30, you need to have:

Efficient learning ability . This means that the basic knowledge is solid, the analogy is bypassed, the English document is not difficult to read, the ability to find cutting-edge knowledge, the ability to see problems and technology, the ability to think, and the ability to think independently.

The ability to solve problems . This means that you have to learn efficiently, have seen a lot of scenes, have committed or handled many mistakes, and are able to fire, not fire.

If you have these two abilities, the phenomenon is that the Leadership is displayed in the crowd around the team or around .

Leadership is not a leader and a manager, but a feature that has two simple appearances:

Help people solve problems . Most people in the team or around are asking, “What should I do with this?”, and always you can stand up and tell everyone what to do with this.

Being relied upon by others . Most of the team or the people around you will come to you to consult your opinions and ideas when making more critical decisions.

Once you have a feature like Leadership between the ages of 30, then you will enter a positive cycle:

Because you have a strong learning ability, you will have more opportunities to solve problems.
You have more opportunities to solve problems, you will learn more, and you will be stronger.

The above cycle, as long as the cycle lasts for a few years, will greatly increase the possibilities of your life.


To achieve this trait, you need to find your strengths and the environment that suits you. Just like the speciality of the fish is to stay in the water, it is not reliable to let the fish go to the stimulating life of the land animals.

Generally speaking, people with such potential should appear in school. If you haven't had such a potential in college, then you have to work harder in your work. (Note: The so-called double effort is not to let you make brute force work overtime, but to let you learn more and grow up, so that brute force is desperate. It is not enough to make up for the shortcomings of ability, thinking and vision.)
Leadership also has scope, for example, friends around, team/parts at work, within the circle, the entire industry. The greater the scope of Leadership, the higher the selectivity of your personal development. The opposite is the smaller.

If it is already around 30 years old, there is still no such feature. Then, maybe you will have such a Leadership in the future. And your personal development possibilities may not be much (sigh...)

Read this, I have to say, if you have begun to show your Leadership, then you can talk about personal development, and the follow-up content of this article may also make sense to you .