The Plummeting Of The Camera Market In The Last Decade

We tackled the boom and dizzying fall without brakes of the world market of cameras since 2010, reviewing the sales figures. The great culprit?

The specialized website LensVid has been monitoring the camera market for years. It has published data for 2018, and the figures cannot be more devastating. Sales of cameras have fallen by 24% in 2018. Since 2010, they have been reduced by 84%. At this rate, it threatens to become a niche market. The mobile phagocytes everything it touches...

A simple fact says it all. In 2010, 121 million cameras were sold worldwide. In 2018, the figure has fallen to only 19 million.

It is easy to discover the reasons. Mobile cameras are increasingly advanced, including special effects that until recently were exclusive to cameras, such as the Bokeh effect, after-view, optical zoom, etc. And although they still do not reach the level of the best cameras, it is obvious that many former users of cameras are satisfied with the quality that gives them the phone, and do not need anything else.

Along with the drop in camera sales by 24% in 2018, the sale of lenses also fell by 7%. DSLR cameras reduced their production by 12%

Yes, the sales of the mirrorless cameras, which are the most demanded right now, have grown, but they have only increased by 2%.

The only fairly good data is that although sales fell, revenues did not do so strongly. Thus, the money invested in buying photographic material only fell by 4.5%, and although sales of glasses fell by 7% as we have said, the business raised 5% more.

The reading of this is that fewer cameras and lenses are bought, but more expensive. As the market is reduced only professionals or lovers of photography, who spend more money in this hobby.
Another reading is that as manufacturers sell less, they raise the price of cameras, and that is why there is more income. But this is a dangerous vicious circle, because if the cameras continue to rise in price, they will scare away new users.