Uber-Partner Bell introduces Taxidrohne

Is this the air taxi for Uber? The US helicopter manufacturer Bell has presented at the CES in Las Vegas Nexus, a vertically-launched aircraft for five passengers. Berlin The US helicopter manufacturer Bell Helicopter has presented the design of the automated flying taxis Nexus at the CES in Las Vegas . It should be in use from next year.
The design for the interior had already been presented by the company at CES last year. Nexus can accommodate five occupants. The maximum payload is 272 kilograms.
Nexus is powered by six ducted propellers. The aircraft should start and land vertically. For the propellers are tilted, they are set up for the flight.
Bell has experience with this concept. It was already involved in the development of two tilt-wing convertibles, the Bell Boeing V-22 Osprey along with Boeing and the Bell V-280 Valor with Lockheed Martin.
Current club eventsThe drive is not purely electric, it is a hybrid drive. The should be more powerful and allow more payload and a longer range. Nexus should not only be used as a taxi drone, but also for transporting goods.In addition, Nexus could be used for military purposes. Darpa, a US Department of Defense research agency, commissioned the development of a vertical takeoff and landing drone several years ago.
One possible prospect is the Uber service . Uber announced in 2016 the concept for Uber Air. The service with the taxis is scheduled to start in 2020. Then Nexus should also be ready to go. Bell has been cooperating with Uber since 2017.n addition to Bell, a number of other companies are developing taxis . These include established aviation companies such as Airbus , but also startups such as Volocopter from Bruchsal.

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