Google donates millions to Wikipedia

Google is expanding its financial support for Wikipedia and also provides the project with free access to automated translation.
Wikipedia and its sister projects are now an integral part of the Web for many people. Above all, the representation and distribution of linguistic content does not meet the goals set by the Wikimedia Foundation itself.
Thus, the articles in Arabic only about three percent of Wikipedia content, while the Arabic language is one of the most widely spoken languages. To solve this and some other problems, Google is expanding its financial commitment to Wikipedia .
The software company provides another two million dollars for Wikipedia. At the same time, Google offers free access to some of its cloud and machine learning tools. In a first step, an integration of Google translation technology into the Wikipedia tool for translating content is planned.
This allows Wikipedia to provide automated translations in 15 languages ​​that were previously unavailable in their own toolkit. These include Hausa, Yoruba, Kurdish (Kurmanji) or Zulu languages, which are spoken by more than 100 million people.
In addition, Google wants to build on the successful project Tiger, which was carried out with Wikipedia to provide more local language content in India. In the future, this initiative is called Glow (Growing Local Language Content) and, according to Google's announcement, will be extended to languages ​​in "India, Indonesia, Mexico, Nigeria, the Middle East, and North Africa."
In order to maintain the quality of the content, Google also wants to provide Wikipedia with the Cloud Custom Search API in order to find suitable sources. With the help of the Cloud Vision API also public domain books in Indo-Aryan languages ​​are to be digitized. In particular, this should help to provide diverse and respected sources of citations and itemizations.

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