Antimatter imprisoned for minutes

Scientists at Cern have succeeded in capturing anti-hydrogen atoms for a long time so that they can be investigated

Last year, scientists from the Alpha Experiment at the CERN Nuclear Research Center reported that they had succeeded for the first time in capturing anti-hydrogen atoms generated in the particle accelerator for 172 ms. In total, 38 anti-hydrogen atoms could be obtained in 335 repetitions of the experiment, ie their existence could be observed by switching off the magnetic field created by the trap in the form of annihilations ( imprisoned antimatter ).

In order to investigate anti-matter, atoms must be stored. Obtaining antimatter atoms requires complicated procedures, since they instantly dissolve into energy when in contact with matter. It is unknown why antimatter, which arose with matter at the Big Bang, has disappeared. If one were to examine the properties of anti-hydrogen atoms and compare them to those of hydrogen atoms, one might come closer to the secret of their asymmetry.
Now the international research team in Nature Physics reports significant progress. Now, 309 anti-hydrogen atoms were held in the magnetic trap for up to 1,000 seconds, almost 17 minutes. The method was also optimized, in almost every experiment could be captured an anti-atom.

Again, the atoms could only be detected by their annihilation, which occurs when the magnet is switched off. As a great success is considered that the imprisoned atoms after one second the ground state, ie the state of least energy, had reached. This should also allow us to verify the basic CPT theorem, that is, the symmetry of charge, parity, and time transformation. An atom that travels forward in time through the universe would, according to the CPT theorem, be indistinguishable from an antimatter atom that travels backwards in time in a mirror universe. Hydrogen and anti-hydrogen atoms should also have identical spectra. If it were shown that there is a violation of basic symmetry, then, according to Alpha Group spokesman, this would

The scientists assume that the atoms can be stored for more than 1000 seconds, but even 1000 seconds is enough time to take measurements. So now the energy distribution of antimatter atoms was first made, in next experiments you want to experiment with microwaves to see if the anti-hydrogen atoms have the same frequency. ( Florian Rötzer )

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